A large-scale sanctuary renovation presented the opportunity to update the A/V/L in this project. A high-output PA consisting of Danley SH46 mains, TH-118 subwoofers, and SM96 downfills and delays was installed, powered by Danley-branded Crest amplifiers and Ashly processing. A three-way transformer-balanced ProCo analog audio split feeds 48 channels of audio to FOH, monitors, and recording. A custom Radial stage snake system with multi-pin disconnects on the back wall allows for a very clean, versatile stage setup. Stage monitoring is the province of Danley LPM floor monitors and Elite Core Audio personal mixers for the band. The existing Crest 48-channel analog audio console was reused, with an eye towards a future digital upgrade when funds allow. Video flows from Canon HD cameras, through Blackmagic Design and AJA video switching and capture, to Eiki projectors and Da-Lite screens. Martin lighting software talks to Applied Electronics dimmer panels to control Elation stage lighting fixtures and house lighting. A Perdue Acoustics acoustic treatment package helps make this one of LifeSound’s best sounding rooms.