About LifeSound AV


At LifeSound AV, technology is not the end, but rather a means to an end. Your audience doesn’t care about acoustic prediction models, digital system processing, gain before feedback, or Ohm’s Law. What they DO care about is how the message reaches them – clarity of speech, fullness of sound, razor sharp visual elements – an enveloping environment that invites them to soak in every moment of… the message. At LifeSound AV, our mission is to remove every barrier between your audience and what really matters. We sweat the details so all the audience sees and hears is the really important stuff… THE MESSAGE.




LifeSound AV began in 1996 in Goshen, Indiana as an outgrowth of owner Jon Beachy’s father Marvin’s recording studio, New Life Sound. After moving to Macon, Georgia in 2000, Jon continues to operate the company as a family owned and operated business. In 2012, New Life Sound re-branded itself as LifeSound AV to better reflect the wider variety of services they have offered in recent years. Owner Jon Beachy brings a lifetime of A/V experience to his work, including growing up in a full-time family gospel singing group, drumming as a member of his home church’s worship team for thirteen years, serving on a church staff as audio director of a six-campus church for four years, and continues to volunteer as the lead audio engineer for his home church.




LifeSound prides itself in a craftsman approach to system design and integration, providing personal service and support. A small staff dedicate themselves to giving each of our customers the best possible experience.